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You will eating loads of plants, nuts, grains, legumes and herbs. Quinoa, beans, oats, fresh fruit and veggies, nuts, seeds, nutritional yeast, fresh juices, tea and more..! This tortilla soup on the first night was amazing! Guac and sangria night! Typical breakfast.. Typical DIY Lunch.. Pasta dinner..

A Special Day of Dining & Culinary Learning at Rancho La Puerta

Special dinner of tofu steaks over avocado veggie quinoa with veggies Ranch Cats! OK, I love the fact that there are several rescued cats roaming the property. I fell in love with them! They really enriched my experience.

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Animals bring such value to public spaces. Basics: Say hi to the kitties, but try not to feed them! Kittens at the ranch garden..

Fitness all day, everyday. Most guests seem to take fitness classes a day. The classes usually run are moderate intensity or go-at-your-own-pace so that you can work in a variety of classes all week. It is fun trying SO many different workouts. I never did the same workout twice and did classes a day! Basics: You are given a weekly schedule when you arrive. You create your own schedule and can do as many or few activities as you'd like. Dance class with this incredible instructor, Yuchi!..

The Beautiful Grounds. Beautiful gardens, pools, trees, wildlife and more. I saw plenty of lizards, bunnies and birds like quail too. Sprawling and magical. It never feels crowded even though there are plenty of other guests there. Many times Cat and I were strolling around saying, "Where is everyone? Basics: Take a few solo strolls around the property and seek out every nook and cranny.

Just one of the many beautiful pools.. The original house that the founders lived in 75 years ago!.. Love these statues throughout.. Art Oasis. Art classes for all.

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I loved making a beaded necklace in jewelry class, and learning to sculpt in a sculpting class. Slowing down with art was the perfect accent to a long and energized day of fitness. Basics: Take at least a few art classes, no matter what your art skill level.

Art by one of the resident art teachers Jennifer - I loved her classes!!.. I loved all the dance classes. This film is important to Vivian as the professor was an influential person in her life and she hopes this film will honor him and the influence he had on her.

Mexico Spa Deals, Spa Packages and Spa Getaways

July 24, Tecate --Many of us lead hectic, stressful lives, so it is always healthy to find ways to unwind. Spending a week at a spa is one good way to relax and recharge, but not everyone can afford that or has the time. Back then, it was very rustic and primitive as they were living in harmony with the surrounding nature. That love of nature continues, and today Rancho La Puerta is ranked as one of the best spa destinations in the world.

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July 1, Tecate --There are only 70 to 80 people left in Baja California who speak Kumeyaay, according to Michael Wilken Robertson, an anthropologist who also specializes in ethno-botany. When Wilken-Robertson first started his journey studying the indigenous people of Baja California, he was told there were no indigenous cultures there. He believed something had to be done to preserve these ancient cultures and traditions before they were lost, especially those of the Kumeyaay [Kumiai] people.

The Museo Communitario de Tecate [Tecate Community Museum] and the Kumiai wing is a good first step towards documenting the life and history of these people.

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Even after the road was cleared, the big rig remained on the shoulder at Marron Valley Road in Dulzura for two weeks before it was finally removed. During the blockage, residents were forced to detour up to 90 miles, causing delays of many hours. Yet a SigAlert was not issued until seven hours after the road was completely blocked by the mechanical breakdown. Even before the breakdown, the oversized, slow-moving load obstructed traffic in both directions.

The load was about feet long — yet posted signs indicate the maximum truck length allowed is 75 feet. So why was this rig allowed to take this narrow route with many hairpin curves when straighter, wider routes to its destination were available? Update August 14, -- This truck remains stuck at the side of the road a week later, with still no answers from authorities on who if anyone authorized this severely oversized load to travel this highway. Reportedly it was bound for Tecate and residents wantt o know why it didn't take the Otay crossing and avoid these mountainous roads.

As of p. Equally disturbing, the CHP website quit updating its log at noon and dropped the incident off its incident page entirely this evening. June This public water system serves two residences, commercial businesses and the Tecate Mission School. The drinking water system has tested present for total coliform bacteria and absent for E.

Massage — Lucky for me I had a massage booked to work out my tender muscles. Rancho La Puerta has 3 different spas complete with several professional masseurs in all different types of massage therapy. You have a choice of hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, relaxing massage, the 5 elements, and Four Hands Massage. It doesn't stop there, you can try reflexology, facials, herbal body wraps, hydrotherapy, manicures and pedicures. It is your week to completely pamper yourself as much as you like. I wanted to make the most of my time at Rancho La Puerta and tried to take a class nearly every hour of the day.

I rounded out my first day with some Tai Chi and finally a Stretch and Relax class to ensure that I felt in prime shape for the days to come. With an incredible 4 course portion controlled healthy meal to end the day, we set off for an early bed time. If you haven't just arrived from New Zealand and you have the energy to stay up, you can take advantage of the night time activities at the Ranch.