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The nature and amount of the Freebee bonus you get is determined by the Freebee plan you select and the amount you top up by. You cannot purchase offers or Add-Ons from other Prepay plans e. BestMate or Smart19Data etc. You need to opt in to the Prepay Freebee plan of your choice first e. You'll only get your Freebee bonus if you opt in before you top up. Bonus minutes and TXTs are to standard New Zealand landline and mobile numbers only and exclude special, premium and international numbers.

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You can only have one Freebee bonus at a time, so when you top up any new bonus will replace the remainder of your existing bonus. If you don't top up within 30 days your current bonus will expire.

Bonuses are non-transferable between plans. However, unlimited TXTs are not for you if you plan to use them in any of the following ways. Unlimited TXTs are not for re-selling or using for commercial gain, auto-dialling, machine to machine communications including by using your SIM card in any other device or any other activity that might not be viewed as ordinary personal usage. If in our reasonable opinion we consider your usage breaches these terms, falls outside the intended use, or is fraudulent or unlawful, we may immediately suspend or restrict your use of the services without notice to you.

If you use up all your bonus, standard rates apply. See full casual pricing details under the 'Casual Rates' tab on this page. If you switch plans you will lose any bonus or Add-Ons you may have.

No plan transfer fee will apply to move to Prepay Freebees from any other Prepay plan For charging purposes, Prepay Freebees calls are rounded up to the next minute. For example, if your call is 1 minute and 40 seconds, your Prepay Freebee plan will reduce by two minutes. Any of the following services will be charged at the usual rates, and deducted from your Prepay balance: PXT International numbers Special or premium numbers e. Network Status. IP Rating Created with Sketch. Close dialog.

We'd say Vodafone's scheme is more generous and doesn't cap your speed abroad. See Priority offers. It may have been around a while now but that just proves how popular O2's Priority rewards scheme is. In fact, we believe it's the best mobile provider loyalty programme out there, so here's what you get:. Exclusive discounts on eating out or ordering in, online or high street shopping, days out and travel. Just download the O2 Priority app and access the latest deals available.

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You'll also get first opportunity to buy tickets for gigs and events hosted at O2 sponsored venues before the general public, and get preferential treatment once at the venue see what's on offer here. The nicest thing about Priority is that everyone gets it, whether you're Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go, so you don't to spend extra to get it. How you get it. There's no similar loyalty scheme on Vodafone. Choose either:. If the plan with the right data amount you were going to choose anyway includes this, then you're onto a winner, because it's extra value on top of what you already wanted.

Otherwise we'd advise that you're careful you don't pay more a premium for these plans than the subscription would cost you to buy separately anyway! Else it's not a freebie.

Useful link: See qualifying bundles and learn more in Vodafone's own guide. For that reason, O2 wins over Vodafone for freebies. Ultimately, it depends what you're into. See all SIM offers. If you're willing to commit to a longer month contract on SIM only, O2 are offering improved pricing on these plans until 6th November Useful link: See all O2's latest offers. See unlimited plans. Vodafone have just launched a range of 5G-ready SIM only plans with unlimited data that we think are going to be very popular. Some of them do have speed caps built in that mean you'll only get mediocre 4G speeds.

But this deal gets you 5G and 4G at Vodafone's top possible speeds:. You'll need a 5G-ready phone and be in an area with 5G coverage. If you have neither, you'll still get 4G at Vodafone's top speeds.

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The unlimited plans have also launched on a range of Vodafone's phone contracts too see the models here on their website. Useful link: Vodafone's 5G rollout latest. Any upfront cost. See new custom plans. O2 are one of the few networks that offer their phone contracts on credit agreements essentially loans to the value of the handset you purchase offer them. O2 call it Refresh here's their full guide. Refresh has the advantage that you can upgrade your phone early by paying off what's left on your loan, so O2 are more flexible than Vodafone if you prefer to have the latest phone once a year.

However, because it's a financial product basically a loan we suspect it could be more difficult to get accepted for a phone deal on O2 than Vodafone, if you have bad marks on your credit report in the past. Another benefit on O2's phone contracts you don't get with Vodafone is choosing your own contract length anywhere between 3 and 36 months with O2's new custom plans , to find a monthly price that suits you.

Useful link : O2's full range of phones at O2.

Vodafone Freebie International Minutes

See phone range. Phones on Vodafone are offered on what we'd call a standard mobile contract. It's the type most people are used to:. Unlike O2, there are no early upgrade options on Vodafone, other than to buy yourself out of the contract, which won't be cheap, and will rarely work out better than just sticking it out. We have no specific inside information about Vodafone's credit checking policy but we'd expect it to be slightly easier to be accepted than on O2 because you're not dealing with loans and financing.

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Useful link: Vodafone's full pay monthly range at Vodafone. In general there's little to choose between O2 and Vodafone on price.

Vodafone offers free incoming call on international roaming at Rs 500/day

Compare pricing and deals. Read Vodafone vs EE. Read Vodafone vs Three. Read Vodafone vs Talkmobile. Read O2 vs EE. Read O2 vs Three. See all network coverage maps. Vodafone review.

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