Grocery shopping coupon spreadsheet

The Sunday paper is where you will find the bulk of your coupons. You can even check and see what coupons will be in the paper by visiting this site. You will also be able to print coupons from different websites such as Coupons. Internet printables have a limit.

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You will be able to print two of the same coupon per device. I have access to three computers in my home, so I can print six total of the same coupon. This is illegal and can lead to your IP address being banned from printing coupons at all. Each coupon has a unique identifying code, and the cashiers do check for them.

You can also get coupons directly from the manufacturer! Just find brands you love and shoot them an email.

with the best Apps, Websites and Other Places to get Savings

For more information on getting free coupons and even products in the mail, check out my full post here! Everyone will find their own favorite way to organize their coupons. I will discuss some of the most popular ones.

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This is my personal preference. I use a large three ring binder, this one. Along with the binder, I utilize baseball card holders to keep all of my coupons organized. There are a few ways to organize your binder. Some do it by category, while others do it alphabetically. Either one will work well. With this method you need to clip all of your coupons and place them in the holders in the binder. I like this method because it allows me to see exactly what coupons I have at any given time.

It is slightly time consuming, but it is my couponing preference. I know a lot of people who prefer to file their inserts. Some people prefer this method because it does not involve clipping everything right away. You can simply pull out the insert you need and clip the coupon you need when you need it.

While this works for a lot of people, I prefer to have everything clipped. Now that you know where to get your coupons and how to keep them organized, it is time to learn how to prepare for a shopping trip! She does amazing matchups for our local stores every week. If you do not live in Central Florida, you will probably have to find someone local to you. Every area has different stores, so matchups will differ from region to region.

For me, I have a Publix and a Win-Dixie.

Once you have found your local matchups, you will be able to see what is on sale and what coupons to use. Matchups make couponing super simple for the average person because there is no guess work. You know what is on sale, you know what coupons to use, and you are able to easily make a list. Even though you have the matchups, sometimes it is still a good idea to look at the sales ads yourself. Sometimes sales can be missed by a blogger. Checking for yourself will allow you to make sure you are getting the best deals possible.

Each store has their own coupon policy. So for example; if crackers are on sale buy one get one free, I will get two boxes. I am then able to use two coupons on that purchase. Each item is separate, even though one is free. This maximizes my savings. I am also able to use one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item. Manufacturers coupons are your typical coupons you would print or find in the paper. Store coupons are put out by the retailer themselves. To get "Double Coupons" you find a competitor to the store you want to shop at. Check if they have this policy.

If they do then just show them the competitor coupon during checkout. Do not shop a week before a major holiday deals happen.

How to track your coupon savings with an excel spreadsheet!

You should also pay attention if a product goes on sale a lot. If it does and it's not currently on sale. Just wait. It will go on sale again and that is when you should buy.

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  • There are so many good deals every week you need to make sure you get what you need at the lowest prices. Basically, you have a box that have can folder inserts with headings. Make those folder headings something like "Laundry", "Beverages", "Restaurant". Then whenever you cut out a paper coupon you drop it in the proper folder in your box. When you go to the store just go through your coupon box and pull what you need out.

    Here's a post on how to make a: Coupon Box. Find a nice binder you like that can hold a good amount of clear, pocket inserts that can be labeled. Label each insert with a category like "Snacks" or "Laundry". Then drop in coupons you cut out from magazines, newspapers or inserts you want to use later. When you go to the store pull them out and use them.

    Many people also like to use baseball card holders and then section separators. You can see how to make this type of binder here: Couponing Baseball Card Binder. Create a spreadsheet with a couple columns in this order: store name, offer, category, link to offer, expiration date. Next time you go online shopping you can then sort by category, store, or expiration date and use the offers you know you wanted to use. Here are a couple tips to make sure you are in control and not them:. Don't waste time picking out items then get denied your savings because you do not know the rules. Read before you shop.

    Before going to the store find their policy online. Store policies can answer common questions like:. This makes you have an official reference to what they will or will not do. This is in case anyone challenges you on what you are doing.

    Anyone use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of the grocery spending?

    Know the store policy for Overage. If you are going to use a lot of coupons and get a big haul you will want to figure out when the store is not busy. This makes it less stressful for you, people who have to wait behind you, and the cashier who has to ring you up. You may find yourself buying 5 of something to get a good deal but you only need 2 for example. Tip: If you may need it in a couple weeks or months then you should create a stockpile somewhere.

    The best stores for extreme couponing will accept more than one coupon and will also double the value of coupons.

    Shopping Chart *To Help You Keep Track of your Totals When Couponing*

    If they do double, make sure to find out if there are any limits on doubling, or if they only double on certain days. Know what to ask. Since store policies vary, its important to keep a running list of every store you frequent, along with answers to questions about their specific store policies.

    Check to see if the stores offer any kind of discounts for seniors, students, or military. Ask if they will price match competitors' ad prices and accept a coupon for the item on top of that. If a store does "BOGO" or buy-one-get-one free sales, ask if you have to buy two products to get the sale price. Other stores require you to buy both bags of cheese to take advantage of the sale. Either policy is good, but the first policy allows you to take advantage of coupons on top of the sale and enjoy a larger percent savings. Match up your coupons with store circulars.

    In order to maximize your savings, you need to combine sales, promotions, and coupons. Decide which coupons are worth redeeming. Its not a good deal if you are buying a product you don't need and won't use, unless the item is shelf-stable.