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Police will ask for your identification when they arrive. Say you lost it.

When the police find out you are under 21, they will ask how you got in the bar, just say you showed your id and they let you in. Police know you are lying, but they cannot prove it as long as you do not admit guilt. Deny, deny, deny.

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Just play it safe and have a good time, do not let the alcohol or some drunk fool get you into a problem. You will then enjoy many nights out with your fake id! Copyright C Underground-review. Your confidence with fake id?

Comp Toilet Toilet Paper Paper The single most important factor to accompany your fake id is your confidence. Bouncer fun facts to give you comfort and know what you are up against: Most bouncers are not well educated or would not be working the door for low level pay. Be cool with that fake id? On certain products and departments, Tesco allows you to double the value of Clubcard vouchers. My wife had been saving all of our money-off Clubcard vouchers for Christmas and had racked up a decent amount, in cash terms.

Where to get free vouchers to save HUNDREDS off your supermarket shopping bill

So when I looked at the Hudl and thought it would make a nice, cheap, lightweight device on which to watch movies and read books while on the go, I decided to raid the Christmas voucher pot and get some money off. I also think the Clubcard Boost initiative is a genuinely decent one - if you shop at Tesco already, price matching should ensure you rarely lose out on your weekly shop, while Clubcard vouchers are an added bonus. To then double the value of those vouchers strikes me as a genuinely consumer-friendly initiative and, before you ask, Tesco has not paid me for my feedback.

The only drawback is that I've now blown my wife's Christmas discount voucher pot on a gadget - that may well come back to haunt me in December! Follow CheshireLive. More On Tesco tendendo. Chester Zoo 'Wonderful to see lions up close' visitors to Chester Zoo's new habitat take to social media "George Mottershead the founder dreamed of a zoo where the enclosures would mimic as closely as possible the animals natural habitat".

How to find Misprices and Glitches at Tesco

Chester How you can enjoy a seven-course Christmas lunch on Britain's version of the Orient Express when it steams through Cheshire Even Santa will be making an appearance. Ellesmere Port Ellesmere Port police issue dispersal zone to cut 'crime and social disorder' The zone is in effect in the Bunbury Green area to the north of Cheshire Oaks.

Facebook Airport fury as fireworks explode next to light aircraft coming into land The pilot was forced to abort the landing, but thankfully the plane touched down safely later.

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