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The CRTC deals with complaints about accessibility.

How to Make a Complaint About Your Telephone Service

If you want to contact the CRTC with a complaint, you can use one of the methods below. Your complaint will be acknowledged by CRTC staff and forwarded to the service provider for its reply to your complaint. You will be informed if your complaint should be directed to the CCTS or another agency.

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If you register a complaint by phone, you may also need to send a written version to make sure the CRTC has all the relevant information. The CRTC doesn't follow up on anonymous complaints. Telephone companies have the right to know who makes a complaint, and what the complaint is.

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They also have the right to respond. The CRTC sends your complaint, as well as your name, address, and telephone number, to the telephone company so it can investigate and resolve your complaint.

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The CRTC may decide to continue with a formal proceeding to resolve issues raised by your complaint. If no further action comes out of the proceeding, the CRTC may not contact you again.

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You should receive a response from the CRTC within 10 working days after the CRTC receives the complaint, letting you know that your complaint was received. First Prev.

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Next Last. Anyone in Ontario have any luck recently? Did anyone get a 5 dollar increase in their BYOD plans?

I used the same personal info as my existing Bell service. The sales rep told me when I call in to cancel my existing service, if they know I got a new offer, they may not let me have the offer given it's for new customers only. Has anyone gone through this before?

Can I just not tell them I have a new offer when I call in to cancel my existing service? Not sure this is a great deal but it's better than what I had. Called Bell Retention to inquire about "loyalty".

I just walked in and started chit-chatting with the sales person. This was the offer. By the way this was with Virgin Mobile.