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Once you return the rental, you'll get a free credit applied to your account that you can use to get your next Redbox rental for free. Redbox gives out a ton of Facebook freebies. To get your free Redbox Facebook codes, become a fan of Redbox and watch your news feed.

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Occasionally you'll see a wall update from Redbox announcing a free Redbox code. If you enable mobile push alerts, you'll be among the first to catch any Redbox codes should they announce them there. One last place you can follow Redbox is their Instagram account. Watch it for contests and other perks that non-followers might be missing out on. A lot of times the place where a kiosk is located will give out codes for free Redbox rentals. This might be a grocery store, fast food restaurant, or convenience store.

Be sure to keep a careful eye out for them on signs, receipts, and flyers you see at these places.

Get free Redbox Movies and Game Rentals with Redbox codes

Share Pin Email. Updated October 02, What We Like The code is sent immediately after confirming your email address You can keep getting free codes if you use different email accounts Codes don't expire for two weeks. What We Don't Like If you want more than one Redbox code, you have to have access to multiple email accounts The email might take a while to come in.

You must confirm your email address after you sign up in order to get the code.

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What We Like Getting the free code is really easy. What We Like You don't have to do anything but wait to get the free Redbox rental. What We Don't Like Isn't as on-demand as other methods where you get the code soon To redeem points for free codes, you have to spend money on rentals.

What We Like Discount codes come in often Redbox codes are hard to miss because they come as text messages.

21 Free Redbox Codes (and 7 Ways to Get More)

What We Don't Like You have to have a valid phone number for this to work. What We Like Perfect for new users.

What We Like A great place to find free Redbox codes if you're already a social media user Works over and over, even if you're not a new Redbox customer. What We Don't Like You have to be a social media user to stay on top of any updates Other, irrelevant social media posts are shown, too, in addition to any Redbox codes. What We Like Redbox codes are hard to miss if you're already visiting a kiosk.

Continue Reading. A little hard to advise Anne-Marie The most common form of reward is the coupon, and if you recieved this as a reward for attaining Superhost status that is what it will be To establish you have a valid elligible coupon go to your Payment Method section of your account profile and under the space you put your card payment details you will see the credits section, as per my previous screenshot above. On the left side of that box you will note a specific coupon code. When you come to book a trip make a note of the coupon code and when you come to the checkout page you will see a box which says I completely messed up both of mine.

This might help other people to not do what I did The first one I used I later realized that I needed to cancel my reservation and couldn't get a refund for to use the voucher again even though the host had a flexible cancellation policy and I was within the time limit. Let's see how I fail again next year.

21 Free Redbox Codes and 7 Ways to Get More

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Superhost voucher. Manon57 in Tavera, France. Level 2. Hello Could you please help me to understand? I am superhost but I did not get the e voucher. When can I get it? Will I receive an email? Thanks Manon. Tags 1. Tags: superhost. Re: Superhost voucher.

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Mike in Spain. Level Reply Loading Hello Thanks so much for your answer. How can I know from when I am superhost?

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Maybe last year.. I don't remember. Thanks again. Hey, Thanks I am super host since 1 january What can I do? Thanks so much Manon.


Robin4 in Mount Barker, Australia. I hope this helps you Manon. Thanks so much That's the problem