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Are you sure you want to Yes No. Sem downloads. Nenhuma nota no slide. Omre hair is a touch of color which can bring a trendy feeling to girls who are in favor of fashion. More and more Hollywood babies as well as Joe Blows are recognizing that applying ombre hair to be Fashion pioneer. Rpgshow stylists specially recommend several Omre wig units for your selection, e.

Khole Kardashian inspired Cls black to blonde Ombre lace wig, which even tops the best seller lists for summer Many YouTube Guru have been spotting the wig and styling it into various hairstyles, which can be seen at rpgshow official blog. Beyonce same style wavy Ombre wig clw, els, clw and etc are your superior alternatives. About rpgshow. High quality and considerate customer service have won well receives among YouTube gurus and customers. That being said, the lighting was not the cause here, horrible customer service and laziness was the cause.

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I asked RPG, to consider changing their descriptions at least. As a Medical Esthetician, I try to accommodate all my clients needs to their best. Lost a customer! If I could give 0 stars I would. This wig is just terrible. I ordered the touchedbytim The hair is very thin and sheds a lot. I ordered 18 inches, the wig that I got is 14 inches and badly cut, you can tell that someone did a bad job attempting to cut it. I opened a dispute with pay pal. The wig I received was just a hot mess.

They should be ashamed of sending out a wig that does not look like it does on their site. The cut was just terrible.

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I did not want to send my wig back because of the hassle. I took the wig to get cut the proper way. I spent more money smh. The overall wig is good quality. The cut was just some trash. Becareful when making a costly purchase from this site. This wig was terrible from the moment I got it.

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When I opened it I noticed right away that the wig had been over bleached. The ends were breaking off, everything kept getting tangled. I tried to condition it but that made it so much worse. The hair became mush and I could stretch the hair apart. All these You tube reviews are paid because there is no way they are being sent the quality that they are sending to there customers.

That's a good way for them to steel money and not have to refund it. Thanks a lot for your honest reviews cause I was gonna order a wig for my birthday that's coming soon, now I change my mind. Ladies always investigate about the company that you're ordering from.. It's not even human hair! Mine was synthetic! To TOP it off they didn't even reply to my email!!! I can honestly say I am disappointed.

The hair quality looked like pack hair. I followed the exact specifications that Dominique A. The rest of the hair underneath was 9 inches and lower as you get to the nape. I have a synthetic unit that looks better than this. Love my unit! This is my first time order g fro. RPG Show, and I'm pretty impressed.

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I am an avid wig purchaser and have purchased from several other popular wig websites and this by far is my favorite unit. The construction was great and the hair doesn't smell when washed unlike other sites. Would definitely recommend. The Wig was not custom made and it was so thin, cap was very small, and the hair was made with was a poor quality hair. I have sent emails after emails and they have not refunded me my money. I am highly disappointed. I have always purchased the els Yaki for few years.

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My last purchased was of poor quality as if the unit was made of human hair blend. The hair would not hold curl or take color good. The end was very frizzy. The hair was hard to manage. I hate to fuzz with my hair and work hard to style it.

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I purchased unit last month. My stylist and I agreed it must be a blend, which that is not what I paid for or wanted. I can no longer trust the hair quality, which has changed since my last purchased in Oct I do not recommend this company anymore. They are not consistent with quality and do not take pride in their product. It is about getting the buck and apparently now selling anything. The unit is not worth it's price. Never had a problem with my units in the past. I will shop somewhere else. Save your money and find another supplier. I don't know what the other females are complaining about but the wig that I bought from them is beautiful and fits perfectly.

I bought a wig, yes it human hair, but from many different heads. The hair tangled after two months.

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I had to actually use a relaxer twice, just to try to save it. Fresh out the package, of course it looks good, but just know it won't last for long, no different than a synthetic wig.

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I ordered my hair on October 31st. I wanted to use the wig for Thanksgiving. I inquired about the status of my ordered on the 18th of Nov. I told them I wanted to use the hair for Thanksgiving.